Thank you


Thank you so much to all of our donors! With your generosity, we will be able to provide much needed supplies and medications to patients and health care professions in rural and urban settings within Ghana. Also a huge thank you to Leanne Johnson the director of global health and our instructor Dr. Solina Richter for organizing everything and making this experience possible.


Royal Alexandra Hospital

University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing Skills Lab

University of Alberta Education Abroad Program

Accuwear Uniforms

Dr. Anthony McIsaac

HIV West Yellowhead

Edmonton Food Bank

Towne Square Orthodontics

Hawkstone Medical Clinic

The Cross Cancer Institute

Pharmasave Jasper

Carmen Pallet

David Yoshida

Melissa Anderson

Patti Thomson

Cory Cheyne

Lindsay Harrison

Vanessa Leonard

Gwen & Ted Harrison

Britni Barnes

Sean Ashing

Jim & Patti MacPherson

Rachel Gaudry

Kirsten Ziegenhagel

Nathaly Herrera-Lopez

Marilyn Lucas

Kayla Strickland

Jaime Little

Lesley Pullishy

Jeanette Espie

Anthony M

Veronica Deady

Michael Crawley

Michael Gervais

Jonah Urton

The Peacock Family

Verna Mae Gannon

The Gunn Family

The Mackie Family

Linda and Darby Zerr

Cold Lake Health Unit

Cold Lake Tri-City Value Drug Mart

Cold Lake High School

Deidre C

Becca Proctor

Michelle Sykes

Ashlee Mosure

Rachel Riexinger

Kimberley Ireland

Gloria Carlson

Nathalie Beauchesne

Wally Born

 GPRC students/faculty

Incredibly Comfortable Uniforms

Joan Peterson

Carly Pain

Karen & Peter Chenard

Leanne Johnson

Steve Blake

Everyone who contributed at the going away event!


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